Targeted Countries

“Transforming the lives of the world’s poorest children and their families.”

Each red flag represents a location where the Joseph Assignment has either provided aide or developed initiatives to provide ongoing support to the thousands of people in need. Click on a red flag to view program highlights.



Our Impact around the Globe

We strive to be a for runner in ensuring that the world’s most forgotten have what they need to live healthy lives for many generations to come. The eradication of extreme poverty, malnutrition, child mortality, and illiteracy is the driving force behind our vision and purpose.

Countries Where We Serve

  • Ghana
  • Liberia
  • South Africa (Capetown, Johannesburg)
  • India
  • Guatemala


Our Impact at Home States Where We Serve:

  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Georgia
  • Texas
  • Alabama
  • Mississippi

Outcomes 2011Thanks to supporters like you, 2011 was a great year in spite of our continued economic
crise. By sending 100% of your donations to our local partners on the ground who
implement our initiatives, we were able to change the lives of more than 18,850
individuals living in extreme poverty. THANK YOU!


Individuals served per country

  • 7,400Ghana
  • 1,500Haiti
  • 500India
  • 450Liberia
  • 5,000Somalia
  • 300South Africa
  • 3,350USA
  • 5,000Jamaica

Individuals served through Core Areas of Service

  • 7,000Food/Agriculture (farming/school lunch program)
  • 2,700Clean Water Wells
  • 1,700Education/Adult Literacy (schools built and provided supplies for village schools
  • 5,000Healthcare/Wellness (medical clinic cancelled due to low donations)
  • 2,000Orphans/Vulnerable Children
  • 100Shelter
  • 3,350USA
  • 5,000Jamaica
Impact To DateThe Joseph Assignment Global Initiative is a global humanitarian organization that brings sustainable initiatives (clean water, food/agriculture, education/adult literacy, healthcare and wellness, economic development, and shelter) to people living in developing nations. 100% of your donations directly fund all initiatives



  • 8Years of Success
  • 14Countries
  • 38 Corporate/organizations partners
  • 1,606Individual partners

Individuals served

  • 500People served through Shelter Initiatives
  • 23,980People served through Education Initiatives
  • 39,200Children served through Orphans and Vulnerable Children Initiatives
  • 40,700People served through Clean Water initiatives
  • 54,325People served through Food/Agriculture Initiatives
  • 83,700People served through Healthcare/wellness Initiatives
  • 320,405People served through Joseph Assignment Global Initiatives’ approach