Core Areas

Compassion must be followed by action that cultivates change and promotes holistic living. Through successful partnerships with individuals and organizations, The Joseph Assignment Global Initiative has been able to provide resources and opportunities to enhance the quality of life to people all over the world.

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Working with indigenous community leaders, The Joseph Assignment Global Initiative assesses these communities to uncover important assets, and unmet needs in seven core areas to ensure sustainability in those areas.

Our Core Area Services are in:

  • Healthcare

    We confront global healthcare issues by providing annual health screening and ensuing proper treatment.

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  • Food Security

    We provide the necessary resources, technical expertise, and guidance to local farmers.

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  • Flint Water

    Donate bottled water or financial contributions to help those affected by the Flint, MI water crisis

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  • Clean Water

    We use water harvesting techniques that provide water where fresh and clean water is scarce or unavailable.

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  • Education

    We provide textbooks, school supplies, food, teaching material, and water for students living in villages.

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  • Orphans

    There are approximately a staggering 53,000,000 orphans worldwide.

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  • Shelter

    We provide suitable eco-friendly housing for orphans, vulnerable children and families living in poverty.

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  • Economic

    We educate individuals and corporations on how we can address economic issues in developing nations.

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